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We have all kinds of family homes (large and small), villas, bungalows, state houses, minor dwellings, granny flats, classrooms, architecturally designed, 2 storey, office blocks and lunchrooms.

We are a Waikato based company and we serve as far North as Auckland, Whangarei, Kerikeri, Kaitaia, and as far south as Palmerston North, Levin, Hastings, Dannevirke. Please don’t hesitate to enquire with us no matter where you are based as we are more than happy to quote the job for you. Please call 027 496 5641 or email [email protected]

You’ll need to have a piece of land before you start looking for relocatable houses. You will need to make sure there are no covenants that prevent removable houses being re-sited onto your land. You will also need a copy of the title. You will need finance that covers the entire cost of the house, including permits, removal costs and finishing work.

Make sure you consider the size of the house in relation to boundary. Consider also how the house will sit on your site to face North. Over which rooms will the sun rise and fall?

Make sure it will meet your family’s current and future needs. If you’re in doubt about its structural soundness, asbestos or drug-free status, call an expert to check it out and provide you with a full report.

You will need a builder to reinstate any chimneys and fireplaces, or to ‘make good’ the hole where a fireplace has been removed. You’ll also probably want a builder to reinstate base boards around the base of your house to cover the gap between the ground and the floor. And if your house has been cut for moving, you will need a plasterer to tidy up the cut line through your gib-board, ceiling and walls.
What other costs might I need to include in my budget?
You will likely be required by your Council to obtain…

  • A geotechnical report. This identifies the stability of your land
  • A stormwater report that identifies how wastewater will be managed on your property
  • A sewerage report provided by a plumber/drain-layer if your property has a septic tank
  • A copy of your title. You can purchase this from the Council

And you will need to pay for your building consent application once we’ve prepared it.

We have various options for making payments on your job. We can create an invoice through our accounts system and email it out to you for payment, or alternatively, we offer over the phone payments for VISA/MasterCard as we have an inhouse eftpos machine!

Absolutely! Please call our sales team on 027 496 5641 or email [email protected]

We are buying houses every day. We are also happy to give you an estimate of a house value or an estimate of shifting costs for an existing house.

Yes, we do. If you are looking to subdivide your section or move another house on as a second dwelling, we are more than happy to assist with your on-site relocation. Call 027 496 5641 or email [email protected]

Yes, we do. If you are looking to build new but can’t bring yourself to sell your old family home, we are more than happy to help you relocate it to another piece of land. Please call 027 496 5641 or email [email protected] to enquire.

Yes, absolutely. Give us a call on 027 496 5641 or email [email protected] with some information and we will get one of our experienced team members out to do a site inspection and provide you a quote to have the job done.

Yes. We have 2 exceptional architects that would be happy to assist you with your council consent process. They will liaise with you directly as the client, and they will take care of the council on your behalf. Both the architects and Prestige Building Removals will be there for you every step of the way.

Yes. There are 2 types of cover you will need to have in place for your relocatable home throughout your process with us. We are more than happy to provide you with the information you need to understand how each policy works, and we can organise the covers on your behalf.

Our listed prices include the price of the building, delivery within 100km of the building’s current location to an accessible site, re-piling on standard NZ3604 concreted house piles. Sometimes there are buildings that will be listed at a price of the building only, with the relocation being charged separately once we have a new site. All of our listings clearly state what is included in the purchase price. All prices are subject to a site inspection.

Give us a call on 027 496 5641 or send us an email to [email protected] any time. We are more than happy to help.