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We deliver homes all over the North Island

When you choose Prestige Building Removals you work directly we the experts.  No middle man or sub-contractors. The PBR team are We can help move your existing home anywhere in the North Island. If you have a new transportable home being built we can deliver them anywhere in the North Island. 


We work with a range of transportable home builders delivering brand new or existing homes all across the north island. Request the PBR team to deliver your new home to ensure it gets delivered safely and on time.

Transportable vs build onsite

With advancements in building practices and transport technology, transportable homes are becoming a cost-effective alternative to building on-site. These can be built cheaper and much faster. Transportable homes are not limited to small cabins – we can move full size family homes!

Relocate your house

contact us to relocate your home

We're house transport experts

Let us be the ones to decide if your property is too hard to access. You’ll be surprised what we can achieve with our specialist machines and expert team.

Our state of the art house transport equipment provide an efficient and safe solution for relocating buildings. Our trailers can be raised and lowered, front and rear or leaned to one side, keeping the building level on difficult terrain.

With the split axle design and double acting hydraulics, axles can be lifted independently giving our operators flexibility to ‘step over’ obstacles.

Client testimonials

Whether you are looking to replace or remove your home, or add a secondary dwelling. We can help you understand your options for developing your property