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House relocation trailers

Our state of the art house trailers are designed by TRT Ltd here in New Zealand. The hydraulic house trailers provide an efficient and safe solution for relocating buildings. They can be raised and lowered, front and rear or leaned to one side, keeping the building level on difficult terrain.

With the split axle design and double acting hydraulics, axles can be lifted independently giving our operators flexibility to ‘step over’ obstacles.

A push pull is a hydraulic cylinder that is mounted to the turntable of the truck. Allowing the truck to very slowly pull the trailer forward.

Without ‘push pull’ the truck essentially has to floor it to try and have the power to move in wet mud.

We use a Modern Transport Enterprise hydraulic jacking plant.

Our hydraulic Jacking Plant allows us to safely lift a home simultaneously in a matter of minutes. The simultaneously lift of the home or structure minimises the stress to the building.

Electronic Steering System, or STS, is the latest innovation from TRT. It uses state of the art software and engineering to provide the most effective solution to get your house from A to B! The STS system allows for all axles to steer in conjunction with the truck steering and by remote control for operator assist and crab steering.

All axles are controlled through an electronic sensed steering system. Each axle is controlled individually by a hydraulic ram that ratios the correct steering angle in unison with all the trailers axles.

The ESS provides the optimum steering geometry no matter what the length.



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