Don't demolish a perfectly good house, let us buy it and take it away for you


We purchase and remove good quality houses

We can take your house off your hands and compensate you with a fair price. From there you can build the home of your dreams on your vacant land.


There is wide demand for second hand houses, if you looking to demolish and replace your house, talk to our team about house removal options. We take into account house condition and ease of removal to determine the price.

Save money on Demolition

Demolition is expensive, if you need your house gone, and your property has good access, then removing your house is a cheaper alternative to demolition.  If you house is good quality then may even make money! 

Sell us your house

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We're house removal experts

Let us be the ones to decide if your house is too hard to remove. You’ll be surprised what we can achieve with our specialist machines and expert team.

Our state of the art house transport equipment provide an efficient and safe solution for relocating buildings. Our trailers can be raised and lowered, front and rear or leaned to one side, keeping the building level on difficult terrain.

With the split axle design and double acting hydraulics, axles can be lifted independently giving our operators flexibility to ‘step over’ obstacles.

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